Polis Mix #1

stories of, in, going to, getting away from, returning, reacting to, resisting, acceptance

  1. The Village Green Preservation Society: The Kinks
  2. Dayton, Ohio – 1903: Randy Newman
  3. Itchycoo Park: Small Faces
  4. It’s All Here In Brownsville:  The Mountain Goats
  5. Piccadilly Palare: Morrissey
  6. The Ballad Of The Sin Eater: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
  7. Slide: Luna
  8. Waterloo Sunset: The Kinks
  9. Sin City: The Flying Burrito Brothers
  10. Bridges, Squares: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
  11. Navigator: The Pogues
  12. Jaipur: The Mountain Goats
  13. California:   Neko Case
  14. Kentucky House: Freakwater
  15. The Old Main Drag: The Pogues
  16. Suzanne:  Leonard Cohen
  17. Weekend In Western Illinois:  The Mountain Goats
Drake Court

Drake Court


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