Resistance Errata

As the new issue of Polis makes its way to the public over the next couple of weeks, careful readers will no doubt notice the existence of typographical missteps. While every possible effort was made to prevent such errors, in the end a wide range of difficulties (mostly related to time and money) prevented the production of a perfect document. It is my sincere belief that all of the work in Resistance speaks to the integrity and commitment Polis has toward promoting vital literature. All of the pieces within were chosen because of their willingness to take chances and resist elite literature that seeks to “professionalize” art through dogmatic, organized processes. In short, creating alternatives often means operating without many of the luxuries non-independent publications employ to produce perfect documents. While this does not make the typos in Resistance any less frustrating or excusable, these errors should in no way be read as an indication of the editor’s respect, dedication, or ability to produce a publication of the highest quality. Even as we continue to promote Resistance we are planning new publications and working to iron out the kinks in our production. In the mean time we thank you the reader for your continued support and understanding.

-Zachary Martin


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