Dog Day Poetry Marathoon

If you’re in Boston this weekend, you might want to check this out. The Sunday lineup features a number of Polis contributors:

1:00    Anthony Cuellar
1:08    Suzanne Mercury
1:16    Joel Sloman
1:24    James Cook
1:32    Farrah Field
1:40    Kimberly Lyons
1:48    Anna Moschovakis
2:06    Rachel Levitsky: Talk on the Office of Recuperative Strategies
2:21    Jim Dunn: Talk on Harry Crosby
2:36    Carol Weston: Talk on Stephen Jonas
3:01    Aaron Kiely
3:09    Ryan Gallagher
3:17    David Rich
3:25    Frank Spignese
3:33    Amanda Cook
3:41    Sean Cole
3:49    Michael Franco
3:57    Gerrit Lansing

check out the Boston Poetry Collective Blog for more info.


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