Holy Shit! It’s Polis 4 or Here Comes Polis: Municipalismo Heterogéneo! vs. The Penal Code of the Empire

Polis: Municipalismo heterogéneo! vs. The Penal Code of the Empire

After much delay, the long awaited fourth edition is now available for download. While we had fully intended to release a printed version of the issue as has been our practice since the first issue, and even held out hope that we would be able to do so up until just a few weeks ago, ultimately the money to cover the cost of printing never materialized. Other methods of bringing a print edition out were considered, including print on demand, but after exploring our options here we just didn’t feel a suitable solution was possible.  Thanks to the magic of the internet, the lost issue of polis is now available as a digital document for free! We encourage you all to download this issue and read to your hearts content. If you feel the writing within this issue is worthy of further dissemination, please share the above link with any and all who may also enjoy. Make sure to check back here frequently as more information and writing begins to appear.

thank you

Polis editors


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