About Polis

What is Polis:

Polis is a self-funded, “DIY”, annually printed literary journal based out of Gloucester, MA and San Francisco, CA that focuses on the engagement and revitalization of place through art. The first issue was released in 2002 by James and Amanda Cook, but due to the circumstances life can present artists who have to work and do art in whatever time remains in their days, the project fell to the wayside. In 2010 James and Zachary Martin (a Cape Ann native currently residing in San Francisco) revived Polis as a bi-coastal editorial collaboration. Despite its roots in two cities with distinct literary traditions, Polis is not a journal of any specific locality, but of writing about locality; the exploration of here (wherever there may be) through the imaginative exchange between those who have eyes and ears for Polis: i.e. the fact and mythos of place and process; the accumulated local knowledge of space.


The submission period runs from February 1st to May 30th of whatever year we happen to be in at the time you would like to submit something.

By way of guidelines:

Polis is primarily a journal of experimental literature, beyond this it is up to the artist to define what is meant by experimental. As with most other literary journals, the best way to figure out if your writing would interest us is by reading an issue or two. We will accept just about every genre or mixed genre of writing: poetry, fiction, plays, nonfiction, essays, memoirs, etc. We also accept visual/graphic art submissions for publication; however, it should be noted that due to a lack of resources, our ability to print images is somewhat limited. If you would like to submit art we just ask you to consider how your work will look printed in simple magazine format (7″ x 8.5″) on standard printing paper, with 3 colors max. All submissions should be sent as PDF file if possible but we will accept other formats as well.

All submissions and editorial correspondence can be sent to:   



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