Below you will find a compendium of links to other writing by or about the writers and artists whose work has appeared in Polis from 2002 to the present.

Shep Abbot:

Peter Anastas:

Micah Ballard:

Danuta Borchardt:

José Carrero:

Neeli Cherkovski:

Ewa Chrusciel:

Jim Cocola:

Amanda Cook:

Greg Cook:

James Cook:

Sam Cornish:

James Patrick Dunagan:

  • Poets for Living Waters: Poems
  • Ars Poetica: Poems
  • Galatea Resurects Easy Eden by James Patrick Dunagan and Micah Ballard Review

James Dunn:

Lewis Ellingham:

Jack Evans:

Derek Fenner:

Vincent Ferrini:

Christina Fisher:

Ryan Gallagher:

Charlotte Gordon:

Sewell Hayes:

Schuyler Hoffman:

Carrie Hunter:

John Landry:

Gerrit Lansing:

Zachary Vincent Martin:


Jason Morris:

Antonio Ochoa:

Richard Owens:

Kari Percival:

David Rich:

Lisa Rich:

Christopher Rizzo:

T.J. Robbins:

Josie Schoel:

Susan Sklan:

George Stanley:

Christina Strong:

Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

Joseph Torra:

Donald Wellman:

Nicholas James Whittington:

Note: please email any updates, questions, or corrections to:


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